R U OK? ‘Are they Triple OK?’ Webinar – How to have a conversation that matters.

Emceed and facilitated by James Maskey

This a recording of an online event for police and emergency services workers and volunteers and their friends and family. The recording contains information on when and how to ask current and former police and emergency services workers, “Are you OK?” and respond appropriately if they say, “No, I’m not.”

This recording is part of the ‘Are they Triple OK?’ campaign which encourages stronger peer and social support for police and emergency services personnel. View the ‘Are they Triple OK?’ resources at

Coming Soon – ABC Radio National ‘This Working Life’ Podcast

(Episode airs in February 2021)

James speaks with ABC Radio National Broadcaster, Lisa Leong in an episode that covers James’ work experience as Queensland Police Officer, his diagnosis with PTSD and his drive to be a changemaker for the police and emergency services sector.

This Working Life helps you navigate your way through the tough times, looking for the sunshine and the humanity in the world of work. From the quirky to the somewhat controversial, experts in the world of work and business share their ideas, experiments and fast fails that you can apply to your own career. Airs Monday 5.30am. Repeated: Tuesday 11.30am, Thursday 12.30am.

Worksafe Tasmania ‘PTSD: Mental Health Matters’ Conference

This session follows James’s exposure to occupational trauma and high pressure working environments, transitioning through diagnosis, finding solace in fitness – ultra marathons & world records, mental health advocacy, relapse and recovery.

Fortem Australia, EML & Public Sector Network –  ‘Leadership and Mental Health Virtual Summit’

A ‘virtual’ summit that provided an opportunity for commissioners, senior staff and health & wellbeing teams to come together and hear about current mental health initiatives in first responder organisations and perspectives from international organisations. More importantly, it functioned as a forum for attending first responder organisations to share best practice and impact measurements in a way that has not been possible before. Registration for the event was exclusively for the Emergency Services Community.